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Boulder Express Laundry Service Reviews and Testimonials​

"Hands down, the best laundromat anywhere around! Plenty of folding and lounge space, safest environment, the attendants are so friendly and helpful, most importantly, SPOTLESSLY CLEAN!"

"Bye bye to coin laundry, I love the Loyalty Card system! So innovative, easy and best machines I've ever used! The Ozone sanitization system takes this place to the next level! THANKS Boulder Express!!!"

"I was a bit scared to visit the laundry mat but had no choice, I needed to wash. Luckily as soon as I walked in, I was greeted by staff who were wearing gloves and masks alongside antibacterial spray/paper towels in hand. I already love this place because of how clean it was and the amazing filtration system they offer. Now I love it even more because they take the actual steps to protect their customers and themselves. Sonia was a bilingual worker that helped me and explained the rewards program. She went above and beyond explaining their filtration system. She seems super happy working there and she made my experience great."

"Looking for a clean place to do laundry? Clean machines? Reasonable prices? With a place to hang while the machines are going? Look no further. This is the place. This place is great! Prices are reasonable and bonus that it is right next to Golds."

"This place was soooo clean and well kept! This will now be my regular laundromat. Would definitely recommend to others."

"Amazingly clean! Comfortable atmosphere. The owner is so nice and makes conversation with everyone. He also helps everyone out with their laundry and opens the door for them. I don't live in the area but will drive to this location because of the service, atmosphere and friendliness of the place. Super clean and so many carts for your clothes to haul in. Also provides full fluff and fold service."

"Great location. Love the SanOwash system, left my gym clothes smelling better than ever. Friendly staff. Totally recommend Boulder Express."

"Friendly staff welcoming and warming! They use cash cards which you put money in a prepaid card so machines don't eat your coins. They lock their doors at 10 p.m. but last wash is a 8 p.m. they do enforce that. It is understandable they don't want to stay all night because of someone putting a load around 10 p.m.! Overall very clean, nice people, not pricey. Would recommend!"

"Clean and friendly"

"Such a nice and clean laundry mat! And the washers and dryers are huge. All the workers are so kind and the manager Tony is absolutely wonderful. Every time I come here it is such a nice experience. I wholeheartedly recommend this place to everyone."

"This place gives you the Five Star Treatment from the time you arrive to the time you leave. I have allowed them to do my laundry which comes back folded in separate bags separated by his and hers. Always enjoy the service. Highly recommended."

"This place is awesome!!! The staff are so nice. It's such a clean and positive atmosphere...someone is always there to answer any questions."