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Commercial Laundry & Linen Cleaning Services near Garden Grove and Las Vegas

Boulder Express Laundry Services specializes in commercial laundry service for businesses in and around Garden Grove, CA and Las Vegas, NV.  Our laundromat uses the best quality products such as Tide and Downy.  In addition, we are an Ozone laundry.  Ozone sanitizes your linens and clothing and removes 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria. 

Ozone makes us unique and helps keep our patrons healthier!

We offers quality commercial linen cleaning services. 

We do laundry for small hotels, motels, vacation rentals, Airbnb's, VRBO's, as well as Bed and Breakfast facilities.  

We wash clothes and linens for hospitals, medical clinics, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, veterinarians and other medical facilities.  The ozone in our water and the sanitation it provides makes us the top choice among commercial laundry companies.

We wash towels and capes for hair salons, barber shops and nail salons. 

Pet grooming stores wash their towels with us.  We also do laundry for gyms, health spas, yoga studios and massage spas.

We wash sports uniforms and band uniforms for high schools and wash sheets for preschools. In addition, we do laundry for restaurants and catering companies. 

Whatever your needs, we are here to do your commercial, industrial, institutional and any other business laundry.

Commercial laundry pricing is done by bid. Our bid will depend on how often you need clothes laundered, how many clothes you have for us and how difficult they are to fold.  Please contact us by email: or call (657) 251-0337 for a price.  We'd love to do your laundry!